Maeli's Monthly Subscription Box

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This is a $40 Subscription Box(including shipping). You will receive in this box fun beauty products like natural make up, jewelry, bath products, hand and Pedi nail arts, samples of our products, discount coupons, Free products and lot of other things. A box full of surprises!!! To subscribe add this item to cart, add all your credit card information with expiration date, Name on the card and your billing address that goes with your card. We will need your 3 digit code to be emailed with your name included so we can  protect your information. This information sent to us will remain completely confidential and is for recurring payments purposes. Also please include a phone number where you can be reached if necessary. The entire card information may also be emailed or called in over the phone. However you feel more comfortable. This subscription can be cancelled at anytime with a 60 notice. Send an email to with a request for cancellation. 


*This subscription box will include from 3 to 5 fun products you will love!!! 

*We do not accept returns for the items in this box unless they arrived broken.

*For sales consultants, no commissions are paid to you or downlines, and no discounts codes may be used!